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Redmond Real Salt

Smoked Real Salt Shaker - Variety Pack

Smoked Real Salt Shaker - Variety Pack

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With a warm aroma reminiscent of a summer campfire, Real Salt Smoked Salt is a simple way to infuse your food with that one-of-a-kind smoky flavour you crave.

Our Smoked Salt Shaker variety pack includes one 128g shaker bag of each of the following flavours .. 

Redmond Real Salt, smoked with hickory wood for 30 hours, it has a strong smoky flavor that’s a little sweet and a little savoury.
Redmond Real Salt, smoked with cherry wood for 30 hours, it’s smoky, smooth, and slightly fruity.
Redmond Real Salt, smoked using 5 different types of wood for 42 hours. Chef's blend is darker in colour and hase a more robust flavour.


Whatever the flavour, they're all a barbeque game-changer. Add to any meat for a delicious smokey taste. 

Plus they're just as good on a salad, fruit, or grilled cheese. Made with unrefined Redmond Real Salt and no artificial flavours, colours, or additive. You can feel good about savouring Redmond smoked salt’s rich flavour on any (or every) dish.


Real Salt.

Redmond unrefined, ancient sea salt is a healthier option than the processed salt used in other smoked salts. It doesn’t contain any additives and hasn’t been stripped of beneficial minerals.

An All-Wood Smoking Process.

Redmond only use wood during the smoking process. That’s much cleaner and healthier than using wood and a fuel source like gas to keep the fire going like some other brands do.

Sustainably Sourced Wood.

Any trees that are removed for smoking are replaced for future regrowth, so the process is sustainable.


Smoked salt is a simple way to add a bold, smoky flavour to practically any dish. You can use it to:

  1.  Add an instant BBQ flavour to dishes without grilling.
  2.  Make healthy snacks like salads, fresh veggies, and even fruit more exciting.
  3.  Spice up everyday foods like grilled cheese, soup, and eggs.
  4.  Create smoky sauces and marinades.
  5.  Make a smoky, flavourful meat rub.
  6.  Garnish cocktails (like a margarita or bloody mary) in a more creative way.
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